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Interior Remodeling

Not sure what to do with your space?  We are here to guide you through the remodeling process.  We start by meeting with you and listening to what you would like from your space and coming to understand the budget for your unique home improvement. We then evaluate and make recommendations to best accomplish your desires.  We prepare a master design and get construction estimates, refining the design per your budget. 


Once we come to a meeting of the minds, we prepare a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work and materials to be used.  After the estimate is approved, we draw up the contract  and schedule the work period with you.   Work begins with our pleasant and professional crew arriving at your home to begin protecting the surrounding areas and containing the dust with dust management tools.  Daily, we communicate our schedule with you and let you know our next steps. 


We understand and appreciate most customers like to know what is transpiring in their home, so our field manager is pleased to answer any questions along the way. As the project nears the end, we complete a walk-thru of your new space with you and address any issues. ​ We take pride in respecting both you and your home from beginning to end. 

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There should be language here about the process of an interior remodel - it should go into what the stages are, what it's like to have your crew in their home, and what they can expect from your highly professional team.  




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