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Homestylist Services

Whether it is because you live a very busy life, filled with commitments, or because you admit that you are not much of a handy-person, we at Boardwalk understand that sometimes your home suffers the consequences.  There is no need to spend all day on the internet, sifting through pages and pages of YouTube videos on fixing all the small things that seem to go wrong in the typical household.  Instead, consider pulling together a list of all the small things you need attended to, and reaching out to our highly-capable, multi-talented handyman and home improvement professionals.  We offer full-day packages of on-site repair work, inclusive of - but in no way limited to - the following:

  • Installation or exchange of light fixtures, including ceiling fans

  • Storm door installation

  • Replacement of exterior trim 

  • Installation or replacement of interior trim

  • Installation or repair of crown molding

  • Repair and replacement of locks and doorknobs

  • Hanging of or adjustments to interior doors

  • Cabinet door adjustments and/or hardware repair or replacement

  • Repairs to drywall, in areas under 9" in diameter

  • Hanging and/or leveling of mirrors, pictures, or other pieces of artwork

  • ADA-compliant ramp installation for the elderly or physically challenged - both interior and exterior

We price by the 1/2 day, and work to ensure you are happy with your home.  Every beautiful home deserves an update and a makeover from time to time, and we look forward to helping you achieve the style of home most suited to your lifestyle and your needs.  

Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation. 



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